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end time rain - children in kenya

Overcoming By The Blood And The Word Of Testimony

Please join us as we thank and praise God for his faithfulness in answering prayers.

God is truly blessing End Time Rain Bible Studies for Children Ministry. Please see a summary of testimonies below: Hallelujah and again hallelujah! It is written ‘this far is the Lord our God…’. We have passed through mountains and valleys, plains and all the obstacles of life in this world. And also, it is written, ‘if it were not the Lord who was on our side…our help is in the name of the Lord our God who made heaven and earth.’ Psalms 124:1-8. That’s why we proclaim the words of the Psalmist in Psalms 145:1-21. We praise the Lord for the great and awesome things He Has done for us although the events in this mission project. When we started, the children had no Bibles. Through prayers and commitments, church members donated bibles and by the close of 2013 we had around 12 bibles.

As we persisted with prayers without ceasing God sent His saints through FACEBOOK with Brother SHUKURANI KATANA CHARO, Glory to God for after sending prayers requests among them a request for more bibles via a team of prayer warriors known on the End Time Rain Prayer Network (Facebook, webmail), God provided Bibles. At this point in time we have more than 70 Bibles donated from the End Time Rain Prayer Network, Church members, parents and teachers were all involved. Let us join hands in giving glory and praise to the Lord of lords and King of kings for fulfilling our requests according to His great will and promise. We at End Time Rain Bible Studies for Children say AMEN AMEN FOREVER.

Again, we testify that God Has been faithful in fulfilling His great promises to us. We started with one female teacher who volunteered and then stepped down. We continued to pray for female teachers to volunteer for this service in the Lord’s vineyard.

Truly God answered the prayers in2015 we had one dedicated and devoted volunteer female teacher who has helped the team tremendously. May the name of our God receive all glory, honour and praises. AMEN.

end time rain - children in kenya

As the evangelism work is progressing we are filled with joy and happiness in that we are setting up other Bible Centres. We officially saw the opening of Vipingo Central Primary School Bible Studies Centre on 21st May 2016. This is only possible because of praying without ceasing. We say HALLELUJAH forever and ever.

end time rain - children in kenya

God is with us all the time and He is always faithful to His promises. Brother and sisters God answers our faithful prayers. We sent a request for prayers for some of our bible studies school children members who were going to sit for their end of primary school examination. God answered our prayers and all the pupils passed well and gained access to got good secondary/high schools in the country. Glory be to God forever. HALLELUJAH!

end time rain - children in kenya

We pray that all our fellow brothers and sisters and elect of the Most High God have a joyous, prosperous and happy 2017. A year of deliverance, restoration and the pouring of the Holy Spirit to all the true saints of God our Heavenly Father. Grace and mercy abide in all and the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ ever and ever.

Through this missionary work for children, and intercessory prayers, there has been a great family awakening and revival. Families formed family prayers and worship sessions in their homes and also SDA families that had been in-active or left going to church for a long period were revived and started going to church and attending church services. PRAISES AND GLORY TO GOD. HALLELUJAH!

end time rain - children in kenya

Through the children, we reached some families with voice Of Prophesy (VOP) Bible Discover Study GUIDES. Parents and some senior members of our bible school read and received their bible diploma certificates. All this happened because of your intercessory prayers. God bless and be with you all now and forever in JESUS CHRIST HOLY NAME. Let us come together and proclaim with the loudest sounds of our voice the PRAISES AND GLORY to our heavenly Father.

end time rain - children in kenya

We join our brothers and sisters on the End Time Rain Prayer network in glorifying our LORD for His great and wonderful things He Has done for us all this while and the time to come.


by Brother SHUKURANI KATANA CHARO, Prayer Team Leader, Patron and Member of End Time Rain Prayer Network

Prayer Requests for End Time Rain Bible Studies for Children for 2017

Please Pray For:

1) Transport
Intercessors pray with us that by the grace and mercies to provide a solution to this challenge, that we get 2 (42 seats ) minibuses. Abraham told his son Isaac ‘God will provide the lamb for the sacrifice’. God give us the same faith and provide the minibuses for us. God be with us.

2) Electronic/Digital Devices
For quick and effectively transmission and storage of data, we need devices such as cameras, laptops/ipads/tablets and computers. We believe in God all things are possible.

3) Jobs for Volunteers
Currently only the female volunteer is working as a primary school teacher, the rest of us are jobless. Please keep the teachers in every prayer you intercede in our Heavenly Father.

4) Bibles
As new members come in, we need more bibles and learning resources.

5) More families
We pray that more families will be revived and awakened for the truth and the glory of God. Also, pray for wisdom for the teachers as we serve both children and their parents.

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